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Texas man charged with DWI after allegedly mowing down tombstones

In Texas, the consumption of alcohol often leads people to engage in behavior that is considered outside the parameters of the law. It is not uncommon for alcohol to lower one's inhibitions so much that they'll get behind the wheel of a vehicle without thinking twice. And in some cases, driving under the influence leads to costly consequences.

In Harris County, Texas, police officers arrested a 49-year-old man after he allegedly drove his vehicle through the Evergreen Cemetery, crashing into a number of tombstones. Witnesses to the accident told police that a man drove his car into the cemetery at about 5:20 p.m., and crashed into a fence before hitting the tombstones. Witnesses also claimed the driver and his passenger got out of the vehicle and fled the scene on foot.

Law enforcement officials conducted a brief search and located the 49-year-old driver and his female passenger. The driver was taken to the hospital after complaining of chest pain and was later charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI). In Harris County, DWI is considered a felony. He was also charged with criminal mischief and his passenger was charged with public intoxication. Texas officials have estimated the property damage occurring during the incident to exceed $20,000.

Given the excessive amount of property damage that took place during this drunken driving accident and the felonious nature of the charges brought against the driver, his need for criminal defense will be substantial. Individuals who find themselves facing the consequences of uninhibited driving, especially after alcohol consumption, may benefit from consultation with an attorney who has experience in criminal law. Legal counsel specializing in drunken driving charges may be able to help soften the blow of harsh sentencing.

Source: The KHOU, "Suspected drunk driver charged after crashing into cemetery tombstones," The Khou Staff, Aug. 19, 2011

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