The range of sex crimes for which we here at The Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass have seen our clients in Dallas accused of is vast. These include indecent exposure. If you have been saddled with such charge, then you are likely concerned about the impact that it could have on your reputation. The images that many conjure up in their minds when they hear the term indecent exposure may be very different than the acts that would actually violate the law. Showing this and proving that the intentions behind your actions were not malicious may be the key to saving your public image.

According to the Texas Penal Code, indecent exposure includes exposing any part of your genitals, including the anus, with the intention of arousing another. One may question what reason you would have for exposing yourself other than for a sexual purpose. However, that line of thinking fails to take into account your actual intent. For example, you may have a strong need to relieve yourself while not near any bathrooms, and thus choose to step into a corner or behind a tree to urinate. Another scenario may be where you exposed your buttocks in the direction of another as a joke (“mooning”). In either case, it may be difficult to show that your motives were sexual.

The law goes on to say that you must also demonstrate a disregard to how your actions may be perceived by those around you. If you do happen to expose yourself in public, the mere fact that you tried to sequester yourself to a secluded spot before doing so speaks to your regard for other’s feelings.

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