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    Facing any criminal charge can be nerve-wracking; to find yourself faced with a federal crime can be even more stressful due to the seriousness of the potential penalties and the virtually unlimited resources that are available to prosecutors who are pursuing a federal case.

    Federal crimes span many different areas, from sex crimes, to white collar crimes such as tax evasion or securities fraud, to internet crimes and other offenses that involve victims in multiple states. An offense involving a federal agency or an alleged crime that crosses state lines can be prosecuted federally, which can pose a challenge for your defense lawyer because not only are federal laws unique from state laws, but federal prosecutors have more resources available at their disposal for investigating the case.

    If you’re facing federal charges, you need help from an experienced attorney. The federal crime defense lawyers with the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass have defended many clients at the federal level, right up to the United States Supreme Court.

    With over 20 years of experience, Attorney Jeffrey C. Grass has the skill and strategy required to maximize your chances of seeing a positive resolution to your case. With so much at stake, you can’t trust your defense to just anyone; you need an experienced federal litigator who knows federal laws and how to mount an effective defense to the allegations at hand.

    If you or a loved one are under investigation or have been arrested for a federal crime, turn to a top Dallas defense lawyer with the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass. Contact us to arrange a confidential and free case evaluation today by calling (214) 431-3897.

    Common Questions and Concerns Surrounding Federal Crimes in Dallas County

    Federal crimes hold the potential to be life-altering, especially when you consider the fact that federal prosecutors generally only pursue the more serious cases. This means that the average federal case tends to carry a much harsher penalty than the average penalty that’s imposed at the state level.

    It’s natural to have lots of questions and concerns if you find yourself facing a federal investigation or prosecution. The federal defense lawyers with the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass routinely address questions for clients, including some of the following.

    Is There a Difference Between State Law and Federal Law?

    Federal Crimes Defense LawyerIn the U.S., there are local laws, specific only to a particular community; state laws that are specific only to one state and federal laws that apply to the entire nation. As a U.S. citizen, you’re expected to follow all laws.

    There are cases where there is a conflict between what’s permissible at the state level and at the federal level. Generally, if the state law offers more rights than the federal law, then the state law typically prevails in that state.

    There are also many cases where there is an overlap between state laws and federal laws. For instance, cocaine possession is illegal in Texas and federally.

    So, let’s say someone is found to be in possession and sale of cocaine in Texas. Are they charged at the state level or the federal level? Well, in most cases, state prosecutors will handle the case. But there are some circumstances where the case may be handled at the federal level, including:

    • Cases involving a large drug sale operation;
    • Cases involving a criminal action in more than one state;
    • Cases involving victims in a different state; or
    • Cases involving a federal agency, such as the IRS.

    Each case is unique, so there is no one-size-fits-all formula for determining if an offense will be tried in state or federal courts.

    How Do State and Federal Criminal Cases Differ?

    There are many differences that exist between the prosecution at the state level versus prosecution at the federal level.

    One significant difference between state and federal crimes is the arena where the criminal matter will be addressed. State crimes are handled in state court, whereas federal cases are handled in federal court.

    Another major difference is the potential penalties. The law outlines potential penalties for each offense. The possible sentences can differ significantly between state law and federal law. The venue where you may serve out a prison sentence can also differ. Texas has state jail felonies and felonies that result in a sentence in state prison. If you are convicted in federal court, you can expect to serve your time in federal prison.

    Federal crimes can also be more challenging to defend because the prosecutors have access to a much broader range of resources – the resources of the federal government, which are nearly unlimited.

    What’s more, comparatively fewer cases are handled at the federal level, which means the typical federal prosecutor tends to have a smaller caseload than the typical state prosecutor. This means that federal prosecutors can dedicate more time and effort into building a case against you.

    Federal crimes can carry serious penalties and federal crimes defense lawyers must have extensive knowledge and refined defense strategies in order to maximize your chances of seeing a favorable case resolution. Our Dallas law firm has the experience required to help you achieve a positive outcome to your criminal case.

    What Kinds of Federal Crimes Do You Handle?

    At the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass, our legal team works with clients who are accused of many different offenses, including:

    • Fraud and white collar crimes;
    • Tax and securities fraud;
    • Federal drug charges;
    • Internet sex crimes;
    • RICO violations;
    • Counterfeiting and forgery;
    • Money laundering;
    • Terrorism and violent crimes;
    • Procurement fraud;
    • Gun and weapons crimes; and
    • Deportation and immigration crimes.

    These are just some of the areas where our Dallas federal crimes lawyers can assist.

    Who is the prosecution team in a federal crime?

    In federal crimes, the prosecutor is usually the United States Attorney’s Office. However, other government agencies are also involved in federal crimes, such as the DEA, CBI, Secret Service and other federal entities.

    What is considered a federal crime in the state of Texas?

    According to the United States Congress, a federal crime is defined as a violation of law that isconsidered a national safety concern. A federal crime can be handled in either state court or federal court, depending on the factors of the offense.

    Is a federal crime public record?

    Yes. In general, federal crimes are public record and stored in the nation’s official history database overseen by the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).The NCIC keeps the detail of federal crimes open for review, including dispositions for misdemeanors and felonies, arrests, warrants, missing persons reports, and stolen property.

    What are the penalties for a federal crime in Texas?

    Federal crimes result in a variety of punishments and penalties based on the elements of the crime. If you convicted of a federal crime, you could face heftier fines and more time in prison than a crime prosecuted by the state.

    How will an attorney familiar with federal crimes handle my case?

    An attorney who has successfully represented other clients in similar crimes can help you avoid conviction or reduce your sentence. It is important to hire an experienced federal criminal defense attorney that understands the federal system and knows how to defend clients against federal charges.

    What is the best time to hire an attorney that has experience with federal crimes?

    You should contact a federal criminal defense lawyer once you are involved in an investigation for a federal crime or immediately following your arrest for federal charges. It is crucial to hire a lawyer that has experience with the federal system.

    Our Dallas County Federal Defense Lawyers Will Maximize Your Chances of a Positive Resolution

    Federal Crimes Defense LawyerIt can be extremely scary to find yourself accused of a federal crime, particularly one that carries a lengthy jail sentence as a possible penalty. You cannot trust your case to just anyone; you need an experienced Dallas defense attorney with the experience and skills required to bring about a favorable outcome to your case.

    At the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass, our Texas law firm was founded by an attorney with more than 20 years of experience, including experience defending clients in the U.S. Supreme Courts. A former U.S. Navy Judge Advocate (JAG), Attorney Grass proudly maintains an AV® Preeminent Peer Review Rating from Martindale-Hubbell®.

    If you or a loved one is being investigated or charged with a federal crime, Dallas defense lawyers with the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass are here to help. Contact our law firm for a confidential and free case evaluation by calling (214) 431-3897.