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Child Pornography And The Age Of Consent

Crimes against children are always complicated, so any discussion of the topic of child pornography must begin by defining it and distinguishing it from the more general term "pornography." Child pornography is the aggressive sexual exploitation of children. Each child who is involved in child pornography is a victim of child sexual abuse, and each [...]

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What Are The Gun Laws In Texas?

The right to bear arms is part of the United States Constitution, but as you probably know, a number of state and federal laws impact gun ownership in the state of Texas. This will be a general overview and introduction to firearms and firearm ownership laws in Texas, but if you have further concerns or [...]

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What To Do If You Have A Warrant In Collin County, TX

In the state of Texas, a warrant for your arrest is a quite serious legal matter. Several kinds of arrest warrants are used by Texas courts and law enforcement officials. This is a general look at arrest warrants in the state of Texas, but if you are named in any particular arrest warrant in Collin [...]

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What Is Texas’ “Romeo And Juliet” Law?

Everyone agrees that nothing should be a higher priority than protecting our children, but sometimes, the efforts to protect young people can do more harm than good. Sometimes, the laws that impose penalties on underage sexual activity end up lumping normal teenagers and young adults into the same category as pedophiles and violent sexual predators. [...]

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Texas Representatives File Sandra Bland Act To Change Policing And Jail Policies

Is there any way to change our state's policing policies and jail standards to prevent tragedies like the death of Sandra Bland? Ms. Bland was 28 years old when she was found hanged in a jail cell in Waller County on July 13, 2015. A medical examiner determined that the cause of her death was [...]

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Texas Lawmakers Seek To Raise The Age Of Criminal Responsibility To 18

If you are seventeen years old in the state of Texas, you may not be able to vote, join the military, or buy a beer or a pack of cigarettes, but you'll probably be treated as an adult if you are charged with a crime in this state. In January, approximately two hundred people rallied [...]

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Can The Police Take My Phone As Evidence?

Let’s say that you are a witness to a confrontation involving police officers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and you record the confrontation on your smartphone. What you saw at the time of the incident was chaotic, so you aren’t sure if the law enforcement officers were exceeding their authority or merely using necessary and [...]

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A Look at Common Probation Rules

If you have been convicted of a crime, your criminal defense attorney may argue for a sentence of probation instead of jail time. Probation is generally ordered when the defendant is perceived to not be a threat to society. Although individuals who are on probation are free to live within a community, they must adhere [...]

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Answering Questions About Burglary Laws in Texas

Under Texas criminal law, an individual could be charged with burglary or criminal trespass if he or she is suspected of having unlawfully entered into a building. However, these are considered separate crimes. Burglary is considered to be more serious than criminal trespass and subsequently, it can result in more severe penalties. If you’ve been [...]

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Teach Your Children Internet Safety with These Tips

Given the significant amount of time kids and teenagers spend online, teaching children about internet safety is a paramount concern. The earlier these issues are discussed, the better. As soon as your children are old enough to use an electronic device with internet access, they are old enough to learn the basics of keeping themselves [...]

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