Case Results

Drug Crime Involving Marijuana

Case Dismissed: Possession of 5 pounds of marijuana while in possession of a fire arm. Court dismissed the case on a basis of a good competency evaluation.

Sexual Assault Involving a Child

Differed Adjudication: Child sexual assault case which carries a punishment of 2 to 20 years was reduced to a non sex assault case- Injury to a child. The client didn’t have to register as a sex offender. The client got a 5-year community supervision /deferred adjudication based on good psych-sexual examination.

Indecency Involving a Child

Case Dismissed: Continue Indecency with a child case that carries a punishment of 25 years to life was dismissed based of lack of evidence and good psych-sexual examination and polygraph result.

Drug Crime Involving Methamphetamine

Differed Adjudication: Possession of methamphetamine < 1 gr which was a State Jail felony with a punishment of 2-year jail time. The charge was reduced to a class A misdemeanor with deferred adjudication. Later, the defendant record was sealed.

Sex Crime Involving a Child

Case Dismissed: Continuous Child Sexual Assault that carries a penalty of 25 years to life case was dismissed.

Violation of Probation Case

Case Discharged: The client had a probation revocation for burglary of habitation. Probation was reinstated based on client attending a rehabilitation program for 90 days. Later, he was discharged from his probation.

Aggravated Assault Involving a Deadly Weapon

Differed Adjudication: Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon carrying a punishment of 5 to 99-year incarceration was settled for 6 years deferred adjudication.

Felony Fraud Case

Differed Adjudication: State Felony Fraud case which carries a penalty of 2-year jail time was settle for 2 years deferred adjudication. Later, the client was released from community supervision after only 1 year.

Sex Crime Involving Offender Registration

Case Dismissed: Failure to register as a sex offender case that carries a punishment of up to 10-year imprisonment was dismissed in the interest of justice after attorney Grass argue the case.

Drug Crime Involving Felony Possession

Differed Adjudication: 2nd degree felony for possession of more than 50 pounds of marijuana punishable to 2 to 20-year incarceration resulted in 5 years deferred adjudication. Case discharged earlier from community supervision.

Drug Crime Involving Methamphetamine

Differed Adjudication: Felony Possession of methamphetamine