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If you’re facing federal white collar crime charges, such as fraud or embezzlement, you need an aggressive attorney to avoid serious jail time, hefty fines and other penalties. Federal prosecutors can and will leverage a vast network of resources to build their case against individuals suspected of federal crimes, particularly white collar crimes – that is, non-violent offenses that are typically performed with a goal of financial gain.

If convicted of a federal white collar crime, you could face a sentence in federal prison – a terrifying prospect for any person. That’s in addition to paying restitution and fines that can total in the thousands.

When your freedom and your reputation is at stake, it’s vital that you turn to the experienced white collar crime defense lawyers with the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass. We defend both state and federal criminal cases, including a number of cases that have been elevated to the United States Supreme Court.

You can bet that the federal prosecutor will have some of the top forensics experts and investigators at their disposal, so you need an experienced, aggressive and highly strategic defense lawyer. If you or a loved one are facing federal white collar crime charges such as fraud, contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass to discuss your case in free, fully confidential case consultation. Call (214) 604-8833.

Common Concerns Following a Federal White Collar Crimes Arrest in Collin County

Finding yourself charged with a federal crime can be terrifying. And while some are arrested on federal charges, there are other cases where the state prosecutors refer a case to the federal authorities. Both scenarios can leave you extremely worried and stressed.

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass, we have compiled some answers to common questions that we address with clients who are facing federal white collar crimes.

Why is My Case Being Prosecuted at the Federal Level?

Federal White Collar Crimes Defense LawyerAmericans are required to adhere to state laws and federal laws. There is quite a bit of overlap between state and federal legislation, so there are many crimes that could be prosecuted in either arena.

In cases where a state prosecutor finds that a case is very complex or extremely serious, they may refer to the federal prosecutor because the feds typically have more resources to dedicate to this type of case.

There are also many cases that may be pursued by the federal authorities from the get-go. This can include:

  • cases involving federal agencies, such as the IRS or Medicare;
  • cases involving crimes that occur in multiple states;
  • cases that involve crossing state lines or federal borders; and
  • cases involving an alleged violation of a federal crime that lacks a state law counterpart.

Whatever leads to a federal criminal case, it’s important to seek help from a seasoned federal defense lawyer. This is due to the seriousness of these crimes, combined with the differential in state and federal law.

What Are the Most Common Federal White Collar Crimes in Collin County?

There many different offenses that fall under the umbrella of federal white collar crimes. Some of these offenses include:

  • Bank Fraud – This involves a scheme or activity intended to defraud a bank and illegally acquire funds.
  • Tax Fraud – This involves any offense concerning tax filings, deductions or other dealings with the IRS, with an objective to avoid paying taxes, to pay taxes on a lesser sum of income, to increase the amount of tax returns or otherwise defraud the IRS.
  • Counterfeiting – This involves the production of unauthorized copies or imitation of something of value, resulting in losses to the individual, business or agency who produces authentic goods or currency. While counterfeiting is most commonly linked to money, it can also involve designer goods, for instance.
  • Embezzlement – Embezzlement involves an individual who is entrusted to manage or handle funds for another person, business, organization or agency. And while in this trustworthy role, the individual steals or uses those funds for their own benefit.
  • Forgery – This involves passing a fake or worthless item (such as a check) with the objective of defrauding or harming the recipient.
  • Credit Card Fraud – This involves the theft or unauthorized use of a credit card to secure money, goods or other item of value.
  • Healthcare and Insurance Fraud – This involves filing inaccurate/illegitimate healthcare billings or fake insurance claims with the intent of defrauding the insurer for profit or gain. Insurance fraud may also involve damaging an insured item (or person) with the intent of collecting and insurance payout.
  • Kickbacks – Illegal kickbacks occur when a seller gives a portion of the purchase back to the buyer. In a federal context, this offense often involves government agencies and contractors.
  • Investment Schemes – Investment schemes may involve a situation where a victim is contacted by another party who seeks money, promising a large return on a proportionately small investment. Insider trading is a similar charge, which involves making an investment decision based on non-public, inside knowledge. Securities fraud is also related to investment; this occurs when brokers artificially inflate stock prices so buyers view the stock as rising (and worthy of purchase).
  • Telemarketing Fraud – This involves soliciting charitable donations by phone, yet the donations are not used for the stated purpose. This is different from cellular phone fraud, which can involve the tamper or manipulation of software or hardware to obtain free service. Cloning electronic serial numbers (used to re-program another “clone” phone) and using false information to get cell phone service can also be considered forms of cell phone fraud.

Our Criminal Defense Lawyers Will Aggressively Defend Your Federal White Collar Crimes Case

Federal White Collar Crimes Defense LawyerFinding yourself accused of a federal crime can be terrifying. White collar crimes, in particular, can carry very stiff penalties, in addition to causing serious harm to your reputation, your career and your life as a whole.

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass, we know how much is at stake, which is why we’re so committed to leveraging our many years of trial experience to deliver a strategic yet aggressive defense for your case.

Our law firm was founded by Attorney Jeffrey C. Grass, a defense attorney who has been in practice since 1993. Attorney Grass also served as a U.S. Navy Judge Advocate (JAG), in addition to achieving an AV® Preeminent Peer Review Rating from Martindale-Hubbell®.

If you or a loved one are facing prosecution for federal white collar crimes, contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass for a fully confidential, no-cost case consultation session. Call (214) 604-8833.