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Has your child been accused of a crime? If so, you need an experienced juvenile defense lawyer who can give your child the aggressive and strategic defense that he or she deserves!

A criminal conviction can have a major impact on a child’s future, from the trauma of incarceration, to the challenges of having a criminal record, which can limit a young adult’s ability to get a job, get into college, or secure student loans.

Criminal charges are a serious matter that must be addressed in a prompt and effective manner. This is especially true when juveniles are involved. If your child has been arrested for a juvenile crime, the legal team here at the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass can provide you with skilled and results-driven defense. With over 20 years of experience, our Collin County lawyers know what it takes to ensure you see the best possible outcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Juvenile Crimes

Juveniles are treated very differently in the criminal justice system, which can prove to be a major advantage since many juvenile penalties are far milder than those that an adult will face.

It’s normal to have questions on your child’s case, so the juvenile criminal defense attorneys with the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass have compiled information on a few of the most common questions that we address on this issue.

Who is Considered a Juvenile in Collin County?

According to Texas law, a “juvenile” is a person who is at least 10 years old, but not yet 17 years old.

Juvenile status is determined by the defendant’s age at the time the alleged crime was committed.

If your child is charged with a serious crime, particularly at age 15 or 16, it’s possible that the prosecutor could seek to try the defendant as an adult. This is another area where it’s extremely important to have a seasoned juvenile defense attorney who can present a compelling argument for trying your child as a juvenile instead of as an adult.

What Are the Penalties for Juvenile Crimes in Collin County?

Just like the criminal justice system for adults, the juvenile system involves a wide range of different potential punishments and penalties. In the Texas juvenile courts, these sentencing options are often termed “disposition orders.”

Often, an individual’s sentence is comprised of several penalties, which can include:

  • Verbal warnings;
  • Fines and restitution;
  • Court-ordered enrollment in a counseling or rehabilitation program;
  • Home confinement and house arrest (with or without electronic monitoring);
  • Community service;
  • Placement in the care of a new guardian, a group home or in a foster home;
  • Probation;
  • Placement in a juvenile detention facility (for short-term sentences);
  • Placement in a secured juvenile facility (for long-term sentences); and
  • Placement in an adult jail or prison.

In cases where a child reaches adulthood while in custody, they may be ordered to serve a “blended sentence,” serving a portion of their sentence in a juvenile facility before being transferred to an adult facility.

Will Records of a Juvenile Conviction Be Sealed Once My Child Reaches Adulthood?

Juvenile Crimes LawyerIn Texas, it is possible for an individual to petition the court to expunge or seal their juvenile court record.

While there are some limited parties who may still access the juvenile criminal record, it will be inaccessible to most once sealed. This limits any adverse impact in adulthood, such as challenges securing a job.

It’s generally necessary to take action to get a record expunged or sealed; it is not typically “automatic.”

What Types of Juvenile Crimes Does Your Law Firm Defend?

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass, we defend juveniles who are facing a wide range of criminal charges, including date rape, drug crimes, vandalism, underage drinking, theft and assault.

We can also assist with juveniles who have been charged as an adult. In fact, it’s important to have an experienced defense lawyer if there is a chance that your child could be charged as an adult – a move that can dramatically increase the potential penalties if convicted.

Whether he is representing a client before the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court of Texas, Attorney Jeffrey Grass provides hard-hitting and highly strategic legal representation. Named among the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association, he has a proven track record of success as a litigator. Should you choose to retain our high-quality legal services, you can rest assured in knowing that your child’s case is in good hands.

Trust Our Texas Defense Lawyers to Represent Your Case

Juvenile Crimes LawyerAs a parent, there are few things more upsetting than to have your child accused of a crime. This experience can represent one of the most serious and troublesome challenges you may ever face as a parent. Our attorneys are here to help guide you and your child through the criminal justice system, working hard to ensure you see the best possible case resolution.

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass, we approach criminal cases from a comprehensive standpoint — always working toward achieving the best possible outcome. Our practice’s founder has more than 20 years of experience as an attorney; he has also served as a U.S. Navy Judge Advocate (JAG), in addition to achieving an AV® Preeminent Peer Review Rating from Martindale-Hubbell®.

If you or a loved one are under investigation or have been arrested for a juvenile crime in Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, or the surrounding region, contact the criminal defense lawyers with the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass. We’re here to provide you with a fully confidential, no-cost case consultation. Call (214) 604-8833.