Meet Ana-Maria Frampton

Ana-Maria Frampton plays an instrumental role at the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass as a Legal and Administrative Assistant, providing comprehensive assistance to the world-class team of criminal defense attorneys and medical license defense lawyers at the firm.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass takes great pride in providing each and every client with the personalized services that are required to ensure positive results – whether you’re facing a single relatively minor misdemeanor charge or multiple serious and potentially life-altering felony charges. Ana-Maria Frampton plays a very important supporting role at our law practice by collaborating with our legal team in an effort to draft legal documents and file important paperwork with the courts. She is also adept at providing support and assistance for cases where a case must proceed to the litigation phase.

Notably, Ana-Maria has been a member of the team at the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass, working as a Legal and Administrative Assistant since 2014.

Ana-Maria provides legal and administrative help as the Grass Law team defends clients who are accused of a wide range of crimes and offenses, such as federal crimes, drug crimes, sex crimes, theft and robbery cases, violent crimes, DUIs, domestic violence, white collar offenses and beyond. She handles documents and other matters for over 50 of the law firm’s clients, while simultaneously mentoring and guiding the students who intern with the practice. Additionally, Ana-Maria played an instrumental role in performing a modernization and overhaul on the law firm’s correspondence and digital filing systems, allowing for better organization, improved communications amongst the law firm’s staff, clients and the courts.

Previously, Ana-Maria has worked in marketing and communications. She served as an intern member of the Dallas Regional Chamber’s communications and marketing team, working on new and innovative methods for attracting new companies and clients and customers into the Dallas area.

Ana-Maria also worked with Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, serving as a public policy intern at Texas’ U.S. House of Representatives 30th Congressional District. Additionally, she has served as an office administrator with the Baylor Medical Center at McKinney’s Skin Zone RX. This provided Ana-Maria with valuable insight and experience into meeting the needs of clients and the professionals who serve them.

Ana-Maria Frampton is also multi-lingual. In addition to speaking English, she is also fluent in Romanian and conversational Spanish, thereby enabling her to provide clients with translation help. Due to the very complex nature of many legal issues surrounding a client’s case, many find it’s easier to discuss these important issues in their native language.

In addition to serving as an Administrative Assistant and Legal Assistant with the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass, Ana-Maria is also a student, attending the University of Texas at Dallas. She is currently working toward her bachelor’s degree in global business and marketing, with a projected graduation date of May 2018.

In fact, Ana-Maria has accomplished an incredible feat of not only working full-time, but also maintaining an excellent grade point average of 3.9. She has also received numerous scholastic awards and was the recipient of the Academic Excellence Scholarship. Ana-Maria has been named to the Dean’s List in 2015 and 2016. Following her graduation, she plans to attend law school and wishes to earn an MBA degree.

Currently, she is a member of the Epsilon Theta chapter of Delta Delta Delta.

When she’s not working at The Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass or attending classes, Ana-Maria can be found taking part in events with the Orthodox Christian Fellowship, working multitude of service aid, and volunteer projects.

Ana-Maria is an avid nature lover and traveler. So, when she’s not studying or working at the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass, she loves to participate in a variety of outdoor activities like hiking.

To contact Ana-Maria Frampton with the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass, call (214) 604-8833.