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Murder is perhaps the most serious offense in the American criminal justice system, so finding yourself accused of murder or attempted murder can be downright terrifying. This is especially true when you consider that capital punishment is not only legal in Texas; the Lone Star state actually leads the nation with the most executions since 1976.

If you have been charged or are now are under investigation for murder or attempted murder, it’s essential that you contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. This can maximize your chances of seeing a positive outcome to your case.

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass, we work with private investigators, forensics experts, and other professionals to evaluate and understand the evidence in your case. This can include everything from tracking down new witnesses, to re-evaluating surveillance video and casting doubt through the use of DNA evidence, fingerprints, and other forensic evidence.

In some cases, where an individual acts out of self-defense, we can often present evidence from prior assaults to prove that you feared for your safety and were forced to act out of self-defense. Each case is unique, so each defense strategy is unique and fully custom tailored to suit your precise needs.

Our legal team is committed to creating reasonable doubt on the allegations that you committed (or attempted to commit) murder. If jurors are left questioning whether you were capable of committing murder, then we have done our job since you cannot be found “guilty” if just one juror doubts the prosecution’s evidence. Additionally, our firm’s murder defense lawyers have also been successful in negotiating charge reductions and other pre-trial resolutions before the case ever goes before a jury.

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass, we represent murder suspects and attempted murder suspects throughout all of Dallas County, Collin County, Denton County, and beyond.

If you or a loved one have been accused of murder or attempted murder, you need an aggressive defense lawyer who will work hard to defend your freedom and your constitutional rights. We invite you to contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass to discuss your case in a fully confidential, no-cost consultation session. Call (214) 604-8833.

Common Concerns When Facing a Charge of Murder or Attempted Murder in Collin County

There are many different murder charges, with a broad range of penalties. This fact, combined with the potentially life-altering nature of the penalties, can leave you very distressed. This is why the legal team at the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass has taken the time to compile information on some of the most common concerns that we address with clients who are accused of attempted murder or murder.

What is the Definition of Attempted Murder in Texas?

Murder and Attempted Murder Defense LawyersIn Texas, attempted murder involves a willful intent to harm and kill another individual. A prosecutor may also pursue this charge in cases where there is a willful disregard for human life in the form of reckless physical assault.

The potential penalties for an attempted murder conviction will vary depending upon the exact nature of the case and other factors, such as the individual’s criminal history. Some cases may be charged as a second-degree felony, carrying 2 to 20 years in prison, with a fine of up to $10,000.

What is Criminally Negligent Homicide?

In Texas, criminally negligent homicide is defined as a criminally negligent act that causes the death of another person. Criminal negligence is defined as a situation where an individual acts in a manner that is “criminally negligent, with respect to circumstances surrounding his conduct or the result of his conduct when he ought to be aware of a substantial and unjustifiable risk that the circumstances exist or the result will occur. The risk must be of such a nature and degree that the failure to perceive it constitutes a gross deviation from the standard of care that an ordinary person would exercise under all the circumstances as viewed from the actor’s standpoint.”

This is a state jail felony, which carries a possible sentence of 180 days to two years in a state jail facility.

What is the Definition of Murder in Collin County and the state of Texas?

Texas does not use terms such as “first-degree” and “second-degree” murder which can be somewhat confusing. In this state, the offense of murder is a first-degree felony, which carries a potential sentence of 5 to 99 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

Murder charges may arise when the prosecutor believes that:

  • the defendant intentionally and knowingly caused another person’s death;
  • the defendant intended to cause serious bodily injury to another person and committed an act that was obviously dangerous and a threat to human life and this act resulted in another person’s death; or
  • the defendant committed a felony or attempted to commit a felony and in doing so, committed an act that was obviously a threat to human life and ultimately, this results in another person’s death.

The only form of murder that’s more serious is capital murder.

What is Capital Murder?

In Texas, a charge of capital murder may be pursued in cases that meet the criteria for murder, plus the case has one or more of the following elements;

  • the victim is a police officer or firefighter killed in the line of duty;
  • the murder suspect was paid or paid another to commit the act;
  • the murder arose while in jail or while attempting to escape from a penal institution such as a prison;
  • the murder occurred in the course of a crime such as kidnapping, burglary, robbery, arson, aggravated sexual assault or a terroristic threat;
  • there is more than one murder victim;
  • the murder victim is younger than 6 years; or
  • the murder is performed in retaliation for “the service of a member of the judiciary.”

Anyone convicted of capital murder does potentially face the death penalty.

Hire Our Texas Lawyers to Defend You from Murder or Attempted Murder Charges

Murder and Attempted Murder Defense LawyersA conviction for attempted murder or murder can transform your life and the lives of your loved ones, so it’s essential that you trust your case to an experienced defense team, with the strategies and knowledge required to maximize your chances of seeing a positive case resolution.

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