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Criminal Defense Attorney Fighting for Clients in Plano and Dallas Since 1993

If you are accused of a crime – and it can happen to anyone – you’ll need an experienced defense attorney who fights relentlessly on behalf of every client – someone with a reputation for legal excellence. Based in Plano and licensed to practice law across the state of Texas, Jeffrey Grass is a highly-skilled, substantially experienced criminal defense attorney who listens carefully to his clients’ needs and crafts effective defense strategies to resolve their legal challenges. Jeffrey Grass believes that every client deserves a comprehensive, aggressive defense. He is no stranger to long hours, hard work, and doing whatever it takes to ensure clients are treated fairly.

Why are defense attorneys necessary and what do they do?

Like it or not, our success or failure in the world depends on how well we function according to societies’ rules, standards and expectations. The greater one complies with and adheres to these expectations the more they are rewarded materially and generally regarded as successful within their communities. Conversely, individuals who do not comply with these same expectations are deemed nonconformists, or in extreme cases, criminals who must be rehabilitated and made to conform. However, because the law is subject to diverse interpretations, skilled lawyers are needed to interpret the law to benefit their client an ensure their interpretation of the law prevails.

The compelling principle behind developing law and society is that every person deserves justice, and lawyers make sure that their client receives justice, and their right is protected. A lawyer will provide different services depending on what they have studied and practiced, but the best lawyers specialize and focus on one or two areas of the law so they can become focused and develop and expertise in these regions.

The lawyers at the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass concentrate on the needs of those facing serious criminal allegations resulting in the loss of not only their freedom but also their professional license, standing in the community and ability to earn a living. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass specialize in defending healthcare practitioners charged with criminal and disciplinary charges by State, Federal and Administrative agencies. It is essential that professionals accused of these of devastating events seek the specialized legal available at the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass

When should I hire a criminal defense lawyer?

Hire a criminal attorney when contacted by any law enforcement or regulatory agency that is implicating you in a crime or professional misconduct. It is of vital importance that you communicate with an experienced defense attorney if you are accused of any offense that puts your life, profession, or finances at risk. It is easy to make mistakes that are detrimental to your case unknowingly. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass can help you protect your rights that you might not know you have but your attorney will.

How can I find the best criminal defense attorney for me?

By searching for attorney specialized in your type of case. Look for expertise, years of practice and clients’ testimonials. Meet with the lawyers of your choice and discuss your case extensively. After doing so,you will get a sense of who they are and whether you can work well together. If you are comfortable with their strategy and you can work a payment arrangement, then secure their services.

When can a defense, attorney ask for a dismissal?

If the attorney is retained early enough, he can present a grand jury packet requesting a “no bill.” If granted it means that the case is dismissed. Otherwise, if indicted, the lawyer can approach the District Attorney and seek a negotiated settlement which includes a dismissal or otherwise he can seek an” acquittal” or “not guilty” at trial.

What do criminal defense attorneys charge?

The fees differ depending on the attorney experience and reputation. There are two fees for representation in criminal cases: A Flat fee is charged for the entire case, and a retainer fee is accruedas the case progresses. The more complicated the case, the higher the costs. Some cases require experts, investigators, psychologists and polygraph examiners. As these expenses are incurred, the cost of the case becomes higher.

Do criminal defense attorneys offer payment plans?

Some attorneys offer payment plans depending on the client’s financial circumstances and the total cost of the case. The more expensive the case, the more flexibility the attorneys at the Law Offices of Jeffrey Grass will give the client to pay the fee.

How to choose a criminal defense attorney?

Try and find an attorney in your area with experience in your type of case, easy to communicate with, knowledgeable and with reasonable years of experience.

What questions should I ask a criminal defense attorney before hiring?

The things you will want to ask a criminal defense attorney include:
How long have they practiced criminal defense?
How many cases have they handled that are similar in nature?
What are the most significant points of law in the case?
What is the most important evidence in the case?
Do they know or are the familiar with the Prosecutor or the Judge?

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If you’re charged with a crime in Texas, do not try to act as your own attorney. Your future and freedom will be stake. However, a swift response is essential in criminal cases because evidence deteriorates, witnesses’ memories fade, and it takes some time to tailor an effective defense strategy. If you are accused of a crime, speak to Plano criminal defense attorney Jeffrey Grass at once. He will challenge the government’s evidence against you, and he will fight aggressively for justice on your behalf. If you need legal help now, arrange an initial free consultation by calling the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass at (972) 422-9999.

Attorney Jeffrey Grass

As criminal defense lawyers, we help defendants gather the evidence they need to challenge effectively the government’s case against them. In every criminal case, we examine the actions of law enforcement officers to determine if our client’s rights were violated. If evidence against one of our clients was obtained illegally, we challenge that evidence and can usually have it thrown out of court. If your case goes to trial, we will use every available legal tool in your defense. Even in the worst scenario – when the evidence of a client’s guilt is overwhelming – we seek mercy from the court and negotiate for reduced or alternative sentencing.

Plano criminal defense attorney Jeffrey C. Grass has more than twenty years of criminal defense experience in north Texas, and he frequently represents individuals before the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Texas. Known for being passionate and relentless, attorney Jeffrey C. Grass lets nothing stand in his way when he fights for justice on behalf of his clients. Jeffrey C. Grass has been named as one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association and as one of the 10 Best for Client Satisfaction by the American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys.

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Customized Defense for a Variety of Charges

Federal Crimes
Drug Crimes
Sex Crimes
Theft Crimes


Federal Crimes

Attorney Jeffrey Grass has defended scores of persons charged with federal crimes. While there is often overlap between state and federal law – for example, heroin possession is illegal at both levels – the government may choose a federal prosecution if a crime is particularly serious, involves a large operation, or state lines were crossed. If you are now under investigation or if you have already been charged under federal law, attorney Jeffrey Grass can help. He represents defendants charged with federal sex, drugs, and weapons crimes, public corruption, fraud, other white collar crimes, and he defends those threatened by immigration authorities with deportation.


Drug Crimes

When someone is charged with a drug crime in Texas, time is of the essence. You must retain legal representation at once – any delay could lead to a conviction, possibly with the harshest penalties. Don’t let this happen to you. If you’ve been arrested for a drug crime in Plano, Dallas, or anywhere in Texas, the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass can provide a passionate and aggressive criminal defense. Federal and Texas state prosecutors do not have a reputation for leniency when prosecuting drug cases. Attorney Jeffrey Glass will do everything legally possible to have the charges reduced or dismissed and to shield his clients from the most serious penalties.


Sex Crimes

If you are under investigation for a sex crime – or if you’ve already been arrested and charged – you need a lawyer with substantial experience handling these serious criminal charges. Attorney Jeffrey Grass has extensive experience defending clients charged with state and federal sex crimes. He knows the stakes, and he understands the concerns of the accused. As a former Judge Advocate General (JAG), a former prosecutor, and a criminal defense attorney with more than two decades of experience, Attorney Jeffrey Grass has the background and resources to advocate effectively for those charged with committing any sex crime, including the most serious crimes.


Theft Crimes

The Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass represents Texas defendants charged with theft crimes that include burglary, shoplifting, robbery, aggravated robbery, receiving stolen property, and various types of fraud. We also defend persons who have been charged with larceny, the theft of personal property without force. While there can never be a guaranteed outcome in any particular criminal case, if you face a theft charge in the state of Texas, your best hope for justice is an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has established a reputation for tenacity and a record of legal excellence – Plano criminal defense attorney Jeffrey C. Grass.

Violent Crimes
White Collar Crimes
Domestic Violence


Violent Crimes

If you are charged with a violent crime in the state of Texas, whether or not you are guilty, you must speak to an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately. The penalties for those convicted of violent crimes are harsh in this state because violent crimes often end with injuries or death. A violent crime can be committed with or without weapons; it is any crime where violence is used or threatened against a victim, including but not limited to murder, manslaughter, robbery, kidnapping, forcible rape, sexual battery, and domestic violence. If you are accused of any violent crime, contact attorney Jeffrey C. Grass immediately.


White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes include embezzlement, money laundering, tax evasion, securities fraud, and insurance fraud. These are usually non-violent, financially-oriented crimes. Plano criminal defense attorney Jeffrey C. Grass has extensive experience defending clients who have been charged with either state or federal white collar crimes. White-collar crimes are usually felonies; a conviction can mean stiff penalties including heavy fines, a lengthy prison term, and a number of other potential consequences. Call the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass as soon as you can if you are charged with committing fraud or any other white collar crime in the state of Texas.



If you’re charged with DUI in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass at once. Experienced Plano DUI attorney Jeffrey C. Grass and his legal team can assess the details of your case, provide candid legal advice, and develop a sound, aggressive defense on your behalf. When your future and freedom are at risk, you need an experienced DUI lawyer who routinely, effectively defends accused drivers. With heavy fines, a license suspension, and possible jail time if you’re convicted, it’s imperative to have an experienced Dallas-Fort Worth DUI attorney at the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass working on your behalf.


Domestic Violence

If you are accused of domestic violence in Plano or anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, contact Plano domestic violence defense attorney Jeffrey C. Grass as swiftly as possible. Texas aggressively prosecutes anyone accused of domestic violence. The criminal laws governing domestic violence in this state are complex and apply to a variety of circumstances and behaviors. If you are charged with criminal domestic violence, your future, your family, and your freedom could all be at risk. You must have the help of an experienced Texas domestic violence defense lawyer – an attorney with the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass.

What Our Clients Say

I am so very thankful that Jeff Grass was our attorney for my husband's case. Jeff understood my husband and his case perfectly. Jeff was excellent in his professionalism. At the same time, he was compassionate in his approach to my husband and to me. We received the best possible outcome which was so much better than what our previous attorney had anticipated.

– E.K.
– E.K.
Dallas, TX

The best defense lawyer anywhere if you are in serious trouble with the law. Mr. Grass takes you, your case, and the outcome very personally.

<strong>CM</strong><br>Dallas, TX
Dallas, TX

Mr. Grass is by far the only criminal defense attorney that I would ever recommend. Not only for the experience he possesses but also for the immense gift of awareness and understanding of our always confusing legal system. All of the usual “issues” that I have had in the past with an attorney, simply don’t exist with Mr Grass. He doesn’t pass you off to an assistant or paralegal, as if he is too busy with more important clients. I have always been given his personal attention. When I have concerns or questions but am unable to reach him on his office phone, he will promptly reply to my text or email and won’t leave me hanging and wondering what’s going on. Mr.Grass has always treated me with respect and for me personally, it is so important that I feel that I can trust my attorney and that I have someone who is actually working towards the most positive result for me. Mr. Grass doesn’t push me to the sidelines but instead keeps me informed and let’s me make decisions based on facts and his best advice . I highly recommend him and you need him in your corner!


Mr Grass recently defended my son on a serious sexual assault charge. Although the situation was very difficult, Mr. Grass kept him from incarceration and he will have no conviction in his record upon successful completion of his probation. This has been a frightening and humbling experience for our family, and we were always able to contact our Lawyer. He returned our calls, always. We will continue to work with Jeffrey C. Grass and Associates through the coming years to get this process completed. It would have been much worse if not for the counsel that we received from Jeffrey Grass.


Mr. Grass is a very professional and respectful attorney. Mr. Grass has treated me and family with the utmost respect and treated my child like it was his own. Mr. Grass is a very competent, detailed, knowledgeable lawyer. The thing I liked the most about Mr. Grass is it does not matter what time of day or day of the week it is, Jeff answers his phone and if by chance he can not answer then Jeff does return phone calls. The call does not go to a receptionist or an assistant, it goes to him and he answers!


Mr. Grass is an outstanding attorney that provided my family and I with incredible criminal legal representation. He has over 20 years of experience and expertise. Mr. Grass will always respond to any question, concern, phone call, email, text, day or night. He re-assured my family and gave us all peace of mind throughout our extremely long, stressful and exhausting legal battle. Mr. Grass will impress you with his professionalism and will remove your fear and doubt with his always calm demeanor. Jeffrey Grass was able to establish the best plea deal I could have hoped for with my case. This man saved my career, freedom, and enabled me to get back to my family as soon as possible. It awarded me the capability of getting my life back on track in the shortest time that I could. I’m unable to put into words how valuable his criminal legal representation was to us! I cannot recommend his services enough for what he has done for me and my family.


Jeff is one of the few attorneys that can help you in a brotherly way, he is so devoted to your case and would do what it would take to get your right back to you. His ample experience and dedication makes him the best attorney I ever worked with. I strongly recommend him.


Jeffrey Grass, Is the BEST defense Lawyer in Dallas!! My Experience with Jeffrey was outstanding. First time I had a consultation with him, I knew he was the right Attorney. I felt very confident that he would do what he said. And he was right the whole time. My Case Was Dropped! If your looking for a Honest and reliable Attorney. Jeffery Grass is the guy for You!!!


My family and I wish to extend our deepest gratitude to Jeffrey for everything that he has done during this most difficult time in our lives. Jeffrey is both compassionate and professional and has worked very hard during my very lengthy case – we would recommend him to anyone who truly needs an excellent defense attorney. Jeffrey helped to give me my life back – The outcome today gave our family such peace, and we are so very thankful to have found this extraordinary attorney. Thank you, Jeffrey, for everything that you have done for me and my family.


I have had the pleasure of working with Jeffrey Grass on several complicated legal issues. He has provided expert legal advice and his persistence and willingness to tackle the project has resulted in outstanding results. Jeffrey presents a commanding presence in court. He quickly responds to unexpected questions with appropriate rebuttal. He is articulate and exceptionally intelligent. I have worked with Jeffrey for over a decade and have never been disappointed. He is honest and loyal to his client.


I have hired Jeffrey Grass several times. He is a very thorough and detailed lawyer adept in pursuing a client’s claim in the most propitious manner. His aggressive and professional style ensures the greatest chance of a successful result. He is one attorney that keeps the client updated on one’s evolving options with a comprehensive cost benefit evaluation of the various approaches and alternatives with associated analysis of outcomes inherent in any legal endeavor. His personable approach puts the client at ease during a very stressful time.


As my attorney you have literally turned the light back on my career! I can still scarcely believe how you were able to cancel the NPDB report and change my reference at my job of my incident into a favorable comment. I would highly recommend you to any off my colleagues out there that have also experienced serious ramification as the result of a data bank report.


Jeffrey Grass is a very dedicated and capable attorney. He provides expert guidance for his clients through the most challenging situations with great passion, integrity, and understanding. I recommend him without any reservations.


From my first meeting with Jeffery Grass I knew he was the Attorney to handle my case. He was obviously very knowledgeable and experienced and made me feel at ease and confident about a positive outcome. Even though my case became very involved he stayed with it and took care of every detail. I could not be happier with the results and highly recommend Jeffery Grass if you want the very best Attorney. A very Happy Client.


Everything was Dismissed!!!!!!! Jeff was beyond helpful with me when I was accused of two counts of Felony to register as a sex offender. He was there to give me helpful advice when I was arrested and had me out in under half an hour on the second charge. He was beyond helpful, beyond professional and beyond just a great guy. Despite the charges against me and my mistakes in the past, he still told my fiance one time that I am “a good man.” He was with me every time I went to court, showed up early and kept me out of court even though we went to the courthouse six times. I never even went before a judge! He’s that good! He fought on my behalf so I never had to. Jeffrey Grass was beyond my lawyer, he was my savior. Anyone who is lucky enough to have him as a lawyer or even as a friend is one of the luckiest people I know. Thank you so much, Jeff. You saved my reputation, my relationship with my fiance and my life. I don’t think I can ever thank you enough.


I want to share my experience with you about Jeff, from the very first meeting with Jeff he made me feel comfortable and at ease, he’s very warm and friendly, his demeanor is very professional and in control.I ask Jeff if he could get me an expungement, and he said no problem consider it done.guess what it’s done finish, over my expungement is complete in no time at all.I could ask Jeff anything about my case and he would give great information about what to expect and the results would happen exactly how he said it would.he’s amazing with his knowledge of the Law, I would highly recommend him to anyone for any reason, Jeff get five stars ***** he’s Top shelf. Jeff I know I have told you Thank you over and over, well once again Thank you Jeff for all your hard work. Jeff I feel like you’re a friend, I really do.


This man is a literal angel sent from heaven. He helped me through the darkest part of my life. I trusted him with my life and I am eternally grateful for what he has done. Jeffery Grass saved my life. Thank you.


Mr. Grass recently represented my husband, who was charged with the sexual assault of his adult niece, and who was also my close personal friend. We found ourselves in one of the most difficult situations a family could ever be expected to deal with, and knew we needed the best legal representation we could find. After an exhaustive search, we found Mr. Grass to be the best possible person to represent my husband, and felt he understood our individual needs as both client and family unit. This case had far reaching implications, most importantly the life of our five year old daughter. Her well being was always at the forefront of the case we eventually made before the grand jury, and at Daniel’s trial. Throughout the entire process, Mr. Grass was thoughtfully engaged and kept us abreast of any and all movement in the case, seven days a week. His efforts made it possible for Daniel to receive the best possible plea deal, and be able to continue to support his daughter and myself in a meaningful way. Though this has undoubtedly been the most trying time in all of our lives, we feel Mr. Grass made the process as palpable as possible, while ensuring Daniel was treated with dignity and respect. Should the need ever arise in the future, I would not hesitate to obtain the services of Mr. Grass and his firm, and would strongly recommend him to anyone else in need of excellent legal advice.


Mr.Grass is the best attorney there is hands down. He cares about his clients and their families. My favorite thing about Mr.Grass is that he is honest – and upfront.He does not tell lies and fights tooth and nail to free his clients.He defended my mother on a major case and I am glad to say she is free. Mr.Grass fought for her freedom and won.


Jeffrey Grass and his law firm helped me and my family when I was falsely accused of a theft. I am eternally grateful to him as well as his staff for getting my case dismissed. The crime that I was accused of cost me 5 days in a county jail and thousands of dollars to clear my name. I started out with a different law firm in Dallas that couldn’t give me answers and results and out of frustration my wife prayed and googled Dallas Criminal attorneys and we found Mr Grass. He stayed in contact with me and did what he said and got a dismissal. I would highly recommend him and his Law firm.


We hired Jeff Grass to help our daughter with a legal mess even we didn’t understand. We selected him just by looking at his online credentials while in a panic! Turns out it was the BEST decision we ever made! He was able to clear everything up for her within a very short period of time and get her back to work. He either answered my phone calls or returned them very quickly. It was refreshing to find an attorney that is actually accessible and truly seems to care about his client’s welfare. I would recommend him to anyone needing help in his areas of expertise. He informed me if he were hiring anyone to defend him, it would be himself and rightfully so – he is the BEST! Can’t thank him enough.


A friend of mine recommended Mr. Grass to me. I emailed him and received his expert legal advice promptly at no cost. I really appreciate his help and would definitely recommend him to my friends.


Thanks to Jeff Grass and his assistant Dr. Atchley! Both assisted me with a legal mixup that was difficult to understand and carried over from years ago. They were easy to talk to and made things understandable. They were both always accessible and achieved the best outcome for me in the fastest manner possible. They were career savers for me!


After facing an unexpected & frightening incident, my son (a student athlete) was facing false criminal charges. After a consultation with Jeffrey Grass he instantly recognized the impact that these charges could have on my son’s future college plans & scholarship offers. He was also very honest and forthright in discussing the obstacles faced in these type charges and explaining the law. He immediately gathered the facts, and began to work on my sons behalf. When my son was called into the police station for fact gathering (questioning) Mr. Grass was right beside him. Eventually the charges were dropped, which I am not sure would have occurred without his legal representation, interviewing witnesses & collection of evidence (or lack thereof) that he had the foresight to obtain. There is no feeling more terrifying than watching your child face a situation that has the potential to destroy his future! Jeffrey Grass was always there for us, answering calls, responding immediately to concerns and questions and providing us with the reassurance that truth and justice would prevail. In our eyes, Mr. Grass is a hero, he guided us thru dark and troubling times and had the wisdom and experience to swiftly resolve the case. If you or your family members are ever in need of an attorney for criminal defense representation, you should seek the services of Jeffrey Grass! You will be glad you chose him!


In a moment of dire need, when my son had made some serious mistakes in judgment early in his first year of college, serendipity or divine intervention led me to Jeffrey Grass. I can’t even begin to describe how Jeff handled a long list of misdemeanors and two felony charges filed against my son, with the unbelievable result of everything dismissed or “no billed” by the Grand Jury (unheard of), leaving one misdemeanor for which my son will have erased after completing probation. Jeffrey is good, humble man and would not promise the world, but he sure did deliver. Even the humble Jeff admitted that it was a bit of a “miracle outcome” given the circumstances. I would say Jeff’s personal interest and genuine understanding of the character of my son, myself, and his mother inspire him to guide us to gather testimonials and records that he assembled into very professional package that he passionately presented to the Grand Jury in Collin County. His inspired efforts on behalf of my son and my family convinced the courts that my son deserves a second change. Again, Jeff won’t admit it himself, but I’ll say it, Jeff worked a MIRICLE and myself, my son, his mother, and our entire family will never forget Jeff nor will we ever be able to thank him enough. Please consider Jeffrey Grass for your legal needs – I promise, you will never be disappointed that you did ! Thank you again Jeff !


I needed an attorney to deal with powerful, politically well connected people who I competed with in business. These people were trying to attack and destroy my business. I needed someone who had a good moral compass not swayed by political dogma. I knew I would not go wrong with a marine from Texas. High marks across the board for the law firm of Jeffrey C Grass. He had experience with matters of this nature and the outcome was as he described it would likely be. I have not had significant trouble from those bad people any more.


When it comes to choosing an attorney to represent you, experience and success matters. Jeffrey C. Grass is an amazing and remarkable attorney, and his knowledge of law is exceptional. He is a compassionate, professional, and caring attorney, who treats his clients with respect and is very dedicated to his work. I can only speak of Jeffrey in superlatives. I cannot put into words how appreciative I am to Jeffrey for what he has done for me and my family. He has helped me to get my life back, and for that my husband, my family, and myself all give him our deepest appreciation and gratitude.


Some situations in life require the need for an experienced, successful, driven, and compassionate defense attorney. I am describing Attorney Jeffrey C. Grass. Jeffrey is both assertive and brilliant in his field and is an exceptional defense attorney. I give him my highest endorsement, and strongly recommend him to anyone who needs the best defense. Jeffrey is very knowledgeable, thorough and well respected in the court room. He has helped our family through a very difficult time resulting in the outcome we had hoped for and for that we very eternally grateful.


I was hit with a series of unfortunate events, and thought my entire life was definitely over. I was hit with multiple charges, for the possession of alcohol, being a minor in possession of alcohol, the possession of marijuana, the possession of paraphernalia, and the possession of a controlled substance. Things were bad. Not only was I facing pressure from the municipalities, but I was also under pressure from my school, where I was caught. Fortunately, I decided to visit Mr. Grass, and he kindly accepted me as a client. He quickly reassured me that the world was not over; he would do anything and everything legally possible to bring my case in a positive light, and even assured me I could continue my life once I had been disciplined by the state without a permanent record. If I get in legal troubles, Mr. Grass will be my first bet. I don’t just consider him my attorney, but I also consider him a friend and as close to family as a friend can possibly get. Thank you Mr. Grass for everything you have done for me, I will eternally be grateful for your adamant kindness and support. If you are seeking for the best attorney for you, I would not hesitate to give Mr. Grass an opportunity to win you over; you definitely won’t regret it.


Jeffrey and his team went way above and beyond what they had to. Total pro’s. I’m a hard customer to deal with and I will never use anyone else but Jeffrey. Best in the business for sure!!


I was facing serious legal issues for the first time in my life, and I was terrified and felt incredibly lost. I was extremely blessed to have found Jeffrey Grass. He never made me feel like I was not important to him. He always spoke with me personally and kept me informed every step of the way. I could always count on him to answer any of the countless questions I had without hesitation. I always knew that my case was just as important as everyone else’s and was receiving 100% of his efforts. It became abundantly clear how well he knows the law and how hard he worked on my case when I got my life back after it was over. It was truly a blessing to have someone I could fully trust and put complete faith in. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate Jeffrey Grass


I have a very positive and good experience with the Law Office of Mr. Jeffrey C. Grass. Mr. Jeffrey C. Grass is very knowledgeable and demonstrates excellent expertise in the field he practices. Most importantly, he is a man of his word; he kept his word as he said at the beginning when we first met. I happened to have another attorney and I went through some bad experience before I was preferred to Mr. Grass. I am thankful that he is my attorney. Nobody wants trouble in life but if you happen to be in difficult time and need assistance from an attorney please consider the Law Office of Mr. Jeffrey C. Grass.


When you need the very best attorney, you need look no further than Mr. Jeffrey Grass! My husband and I have been through several legal issues, both for our business and personally. He has very successfully guided us and defended us in all of these matters with the utmost professionalism, experience, and compassion. He has a very calm confidence that allays your fears regarding your nerve-racking legal issues and is always very accessible when a question arises or reassurance is needed. He is very proactive and reliable. He is the by far the best attorney I have ever dealt with! He certainly personifies excellence in his field and as a person!


We had a lengthy case with many many details. Jeffrey Grass made sure to note all of the small details and gave it his all. I would highly recommend Jeffrey. We followed his recommendations and our family member received LESS THAN HALF of what the federal guidelines are currently set at. My family is extremely grateful with all of his hard work and are very happy our family member will very soon be back home, we cannot thank Jeffrey enough!


I just want to share with you my experience with Jeff Grass, my opinion of Jeff is he is a true professional every sense of the word professional, Jeff is the best of the best, number one in the whole State of Texas. I could call or text Jeff any hour of the day or night and he would respond right away as his time permits, Jeff goes far beyond his call of duty to his clients and his job.Jeff is very experience with the Law and he knows his way around the courtroom ,Jeff know the State Attorney’s very well, and trust me those State Attorney’s know him just as well.I had read about Jeff and his reputation speaks for itself, all I can say is “WOW” Thank God for Mr. Jeff Grass. Thank you Jeff from the bottom of my heart and my family thank you more than words can express.


Jeffrey Grass has always been there for me. He has taken the time to know me as a person, not just a client. I feel secure knowing he cares about my well being. I can honestly say that his efforts have given me the life I have today. I recommend Jeffery Grass to everyone that may need a brilliant attorney and a man with good character in their corner. The legal system can be a terrifying and an intimidating system with judges and police that care only for the letter of the law, and are totally unconcerned about the cause, while they impact the effect that this situation will have on your life. Jeffery Grass was the individual we turned to when we were confronted with legal issues. When my wife got a DWI she was terrified and guilty; Jeffery Grass couldn’t alter the courts determination, but what he gave to my wife was even more valuable; he broke the stereotype of lawyers and gave compassion and understanding. He took fear out of the equation and walked us through the storm. My wife means everything to me, and anyone who protects her, be it physically, emotionally or legally has my loyalty and respect. I have recommended Jeffery Grass to friends, and I will continue to do so. He was reasonably priced and worth every dollar.


If you ever need legal representation involving a criminal matter, we highly recommend Jeffrey Grass. His approach in handling our case was extremely reassuring as we navigated the justice system during an extremely difficult time. Mr. Grass was successful in achieving a favorable outcome of our legal issue, and we benefited greatly from his legal expertise. We were also pleased with his professional and personal demeanor. If you have an issue that requires the expertise of an experienced criminal lawyer, Mr. Grass will provide you with excellent representation and advice. We highly recommend his services.


Jeff represented my son accused of a sex offense. I have no words to express how grateful we were to him. He gave support to the family far beyond his professional responsibility, helping all of us gain a better understanding of what appears to us to be a harsh, cruel and corrupt legal system. His professional expertise is greatly appreciated, as is his tolerance for numerous calls, emails, and “dumb” questions. He helped with financial questions and custody issues as well. Jeff, Thank You! I would highly recommend you to others dealing with these issues!


Why Our Clients Appreciate Us

Located in the heart of Plano, Texas, the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass has been a staple in the community for over two decades serving the greater Plano and Dallas-Fort Worth areas.

Attorney Jeffrey Grass fights for his clients with tenacious and aggressive defense representation. When providing criminal defense services in north Texas, Mr. Grass focuses on a client’s interests and needs while defending that client’s constitutional rights and providing frank, candid legal advice. Mr. Grass will personally meet with you to review your case, your options, and the potential outcomes.

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass, our mission is to get each of our clients the justice they deserve from the criminal accusations that they are currently facing. If you need a knowledgeable, experienced Texas criminal defense attorney, or if you simply need quality legal advice, call our offices today for a free consultation.


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2003, 2017

Texas Representatives File Sandra Bland Act To Change Policing And Jail Policies

By | March 20th, 2017|

Is there any way to change our state’s policing policies and jail standards to prevent tragedies like the death of Sandra Bland? Ms. Bland was 28 years old when she was found hanged in a jail cell in Waller County on July 13, 2015. A medical examiner determined that the cause of her death was suicide, but protesters and activists disputed that finding and charged that Ms. Bland was a victim of racial profiling and racial violence.

Three days before she was found dead, Ms. Bland had been stopped for a traffic violation by Texas state trooper Brian Encinia. The trooper arrested Ms. Bland after she allegedly assaulted him, but when authorities examined the dashcam footage, they placed Encinia on leave for improper traffic stop procedures. Although Bland’s death was classified as a suicide and no evidence of a struggle was found, the Texas Commission on Jail Standards determined that Waller County did not adhere to the state’s required jail standards and policies.

In 2016, a Waller County grand jury indicted Brian Encinia for perjury, and the Texas Department of Public Safety terminated his employment. Also in 2016, Ms. Bland’s family settled a wrongful death lawsuit for $1.9 million. As a condition of the settlement, the Waller County jail will have an on-duty nurse or EMT available at all times to help prevent suicides there.


Since 2009, 140 suicides have reportedly been committed in Texas jails. Jails have an annual suicide rate of 46 per 100,000 inmates, while the general population’s suicide rate is 13 per 100,000 persons. If you are charged with any crime in Texas, you must get legal help at once. Apparently, Texas jails can be hazardous to your health. If you are charged with a crime in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, an experienced Plano criminal defense attorney can help.

Earlier in the year, Texas State Representative Garnet Coleman of Houston filed a bill called the “Sandra Bland Act” that would change the state’s law enforcement and incarceration policies to help prevent similar tragedies in the future. “This is something we thought we had overcome. But obviously not,” Coleman told reporters. One provision of the bill would end arrests in Texas for violations that are penalized by fines, such as traffic offenses.

After filing the proposal early in March, Representative Coleman told reporters, “The Sandra Bland Act aims to improve and correct Texas’ criminal justice system to make it better for all people and prevent future tragedies like Sandra Bland’s.” The legislation, which runs to 55 pages, would establish policies to stop racial profiling, increase the reporting of the use of force in Texas jails, and train police officers to use de-escalation tactics. Coleman’s proposal also would require more training for both jailers and patrol officers on handling individuals with possible mental impairments.


Specifically, the Sandra Bland Act would require jails in Texas to have around-the-clock “access” – which could be electronic – to medical personnel and mental health professionals. The proposal also offers financial resources to help smaller counties afford the changes that the legislation will require. Representative Coleman believes there will be support for the Sandra Bland Act in the Texas Senate, but the bill first must be assigned to a committee and be approved by the Texas House of Representatives.

Representative Coleman’s proposal would outlaw “consent” searches in this state and require a search warrant for any search made by law enforcement officers. If adopted as Texas law, the Sandra Bland Act would also prevent the police in Texas from conducting “pretext stops,” where law enforcement officers stop a motorist in traffic ostensibly – but not really – for a traffic offense with the actual intention of investigating a possible violation of some other law.

The Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas have already expressed their opposition to the proposal. Charley Wilkison, the group’s executive director, said the group is against any proposals that would legally forbid police officers to ask questions that could lead to the discovery of other crimes. Follow-up questions often yield important evidence, Wilkison said, leading to the discovery of human trafficking or illegal drug activity. Wilkison added that the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas will support only the provisions of Coleman’s proposal that call for additional law enforcement training and resources.

The Texas Municipal Police Association also expressed strong opposition to the Sandra Bland Act. The group’s executive director, Kevin Lawrence, said, “So this, we believe, is just simply a knee-jerk reaction to an anecdotal incident. It would create bad public policy. It would benefit criminals; it wouldn’t benefit public safety.” But not everyone who speaks on behalf of law enforcement groups is opposed to the bill.

Jackson County Sheriff A.J. Louderback, for example, who also acts as the legislative director for the Sheriffs Association of Texas, called the Sandra Bland Act – House Bill 2702 – “outstanding.” Louderback said, “The mental health portion has long been a concern of Texas sheriffs. We have fought for this for many years, many sessions we have tried to get the mental health resources in our county jails and we’re still fighting that fight and we’re still not where we think we should be three sessions later.”


Not every death in a jail is the jail’s fault or the system’s fault. Inmates sometimes die of natural causes like anyone else, and many inmates are plagued by health problems linked to alcohol and drug issues. Nevertheless, experts tell us that the cause of an inmate’s death really cannot be accurately determined from the publicly released data. Many in-custody deaths caused by force, for example, are attributed to another cause, according to Steve Martin, a corrections expert who has monitored excessive force cases across the United States.

Martin says that when a jailhouse death is reported as a heart attack, for example, the public may not be told if a stun gun was used against the inmate prior to the death. “The American public has no idea what’s taking place, and because of the lack of public awareness, there’s a corresponding lack of public outrage,” says Erik Heipt, a Seattle attorney who focuses on police misconduct and represents numerous families of individuals who have died in jails.

Jails often house people who’ve never been in serious legal trouble before, and jail can have a traumatic impact. While the proposed Sandra Bland Act would help to ensure that inmates are treated more humanely and legally in our state, if you are facing criminal charges in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, there is no substitute for the legal help that a Plano criminal defense attorney can provide.

2502, 2017

Texas Lawmakers Seek To Raise The Age Of Criminal Responsibility To 18

By | February 25th, 2017|

If you are seventeen years old in the state of Texas, you may not be able to vote, join the military, or buy a beer or a pack of cigarettes, but you’ll probably be treated as an adult if you are charged with a crime in this state. In January, approximately two hundred people rallied at the Texas Capitol building in Austin to have seventeen-year-olds treated as juveniles by the Texas criminal justice system.

The students, parents, and activists at the rally were organized by the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition in support of House Bill 676, a proposal that would raise the age of criminal responsibility to 18 in this state. The measure has been introduced in the Texas Legislature by State Representative Gene Wu of Houston, who told the rally, “As legislators, we have to remember that we live in the real world. We live in a world where children act like children, and we shouldn’t expect them to be adults when we treat them as children for everything else.”

Supporters of House Bill 676 say that placing 17-year-olds in lockups with adults can push juveniles toward a life of crime. A 1978 study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that youths in adult jails are 36 times more likely to commit suicide than youths in juvenile detention facilities. And according to the Department of Justice, youths in adult facilities are also more likely to be sexually assaulted than those in juvenile detention.


Many Texans now believe that referral to the juvenile justice system is a much better alternative for 17-year-olds. Passage of House Bill 676 is a top priority for advocates of juvenile justice in Texas in 2017. They say that the policy of placing juveniles in custody with adults harms not only the young people, but all of us with its high social and economic cost. House Bill 676 is supported by the Texas Association of Business, the Texas Public Policy Foundation, and the Texas PTA.

A similar legislative proposal failed to become the law in Texas back in 2015. The costs of transferring so many 17-year-olds from one system into another were considered too high by opponents of the legislation, including Senator John Whitmore of Houston, the chairman of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee. This year, supporters of House Bill 676 will argue that the proposal is both a money-saver and a measure that increases the safety of the general public.

Elizabeth Henneke, an attorney who works with the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition, cites the recent case of Emmanuel Akueir, a 17-year-old who apparently hanged himself in the Fort Bend County Jail. Henneke told the Texas Tribune, “If we had passed this last session, that 17-year-old would not have been in that facility. So we’re talking lives here.” She adds, “If you want to talk about costs, ask his parents about costs.”


When criminal charges are filed in Texas and in six other states, 17-year-olds are usually charged as adults. In New York and North Carolina, even 16-year-olds are charged as adults. Teenagers who receive adult criminal convictions inevitably face barriers to resuming their educations, finding employment, and accessing social and community services and resources. In 2007, research by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determined that placing juveniles in the adult justice system makes it substantially more likely that they will commit crimes as adults.

As defined by Texas law, a juvenile is someone who is at least age 10 but not yet age 17. Legal status as a juvenile or adult is determined by the youth’s age when the alleged crime transpired. But Texas law also provides that when the charge is a serious crime, a 15-year-old or a 16-year-old may be prosecuted as an adult. In these cases, it’s imperative for parents to work with a seasoned juvenile defense attorney. The juvenile justice system in Texas uses a variety of penalties, punishments, and alternatives. The juvenile courts call these sentencing options “disposition orders,” and a full sentence may include one or more of these penalties:

  • verbal warnings
  • restitution and fines
  • rehabilitation or counseling
  • probation
  • community service
  • house arrest with or without electronic monitoring
  • placement with a guardian, group home, or foster home
  • placement in a juvenile detention facility
  • for more serious crimes, placement in a secured juvenile facility, county jail, or state prison

However, if a teenager is innocent and has not committed the crime being charged, none of the above alternatives are right, and parents will need aggressive, high-quality legal help from an experienced Dallas juvenile defense attorney. If you are a parent, nothing is more important than your child’s future. Whenever a juvenile – whether innocent or not – is charged with a crime in Texas, parents should arrange to consult with an experienced Dallas juvenile defense attorney who routinely represents teenagers accused of crimes.


Overwhelmingly, most 17-year-olds who are arrested in Texas – 96 percent, in fact – are charged with misdemeanor or non-violent offenses. However, for the most serious crimes, House Bill 676 would still allow judges to certify 17-year-olds for prosecution as adults. Appropriate legal treatment for 17-year-olds, however, is not the only concern of Texas juvenile justice advocates in 2017.

Activists are also asking Texas lawmakers to change the law that permits children as young as age 10 to be arrested and placed in the juvenile justice system. Dr. Terry Smith, the executive director and chief probation officer for the Dallas County Juvenile Department, recently explained to state lawmakers that young children should not be treated as offenders. “They don’t have the developmental capacity,” she explained. “Their brains aren’t developed. Well, how can we not apply that to 10-, 11- and 12-year-olds?”

At the same hearing of the House Juvenile Justice and Family Issues Committee late last year, Lauren Rose, the director of youth justice policy at Texans Care for Children, an Austin-based nonprofit group, testified that 10- to 13-year-olds should not be placed in the juvenile justice system but should instead be directed to other, more appropriate community and child care agencies. The 84th Texas Legislature is already in session, so we’ll soon know the fate of House Bill 676 and the other legislative proposals for changing the Texas juvenile justice system.

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