A former New Mexico doctor has pleaded guilty to federal charges for defrauding Medicare and illegally dispensing prescription painkillers, leading to the death of a woman. The licensed physician, who had a neurology subspecialty, operated a pain management practice in Las Cruces. The doctor’s medical license was suspended in June 2012 by the New Mexico Medical Board and was later revoked in December 2012.

Plano criminal defense lawyer Jeffrey C. Grass, of the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass, is representing the doctor in this case.

Court records show that in the treatment of the aforementioned deceased patient, the doctor performed only a cursory exam of the patient before supplying two prescriptions for narcotics without a legitimate medical purpose. Two days after filling the second methadone prescription, the woman died.

The doctor had a total of 136 criminal charges leveled against him in a grand jury indictment, including unlawfully dispensing controlled substances and healthcare fraud. As part of a plea deal, he will now only face two counts. Among the charges to be dismissed include accusations that the illegal dispensing of drugs led to the deaths of three other people.

Tough Cases Require Tough Defense

The government aggressively prosecutes healthcare fraud cases, especially when they involve the illegal distribution of controlled substances. While the penalties in this New Mexico doctor’s case hinge on the outcome of a sentencing hearing, thanks to effective legal representation, the doctor will only face between 3.5 and nine years in prison, along with a term of supervised release to be determined by the court. For the two charges alone, he could potentially have faced a $1.25 million fine and up to 30 years in prison.

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