According to a recent news article published by NBCDFW, thousands of DWI convictions throughout North Texas may be in jeopardy or dismissed after a Texas Department of Public Safety forensic analyst was charged with perjury.

According to claims made by attorneys, the analyst may have handled as many as 15,000 blood-alcohol testing samples in question. This issue came to light after Denton County and Dallas district lawyers notified defense attorneys regarding questionable evidence that may have been utilized to convict their clients in DWI cases that involved this particular analyst.

Reports state that the concern deals with what happened inside the Garland DPS Forensics Lab and whether or not the analyst gave conflicting testimony regarding a lab error that occurred several years ago when he mixed up two blood sample results.

The lawyers involved in these DWI cases that may be tried state they have always questioned the analyst’s credibility. One attorney explains, “We’ve had trial after trial with this analyst and we always knew there was something wrong. We’d have a high test blood case, someone that looked perfect on the video and we knew there was some sort of error, but we could never point to a reason why that disconnect could be there.”

As of now, DPS official will not comment, pending the case’s outcome. The analyst decided to invoke his Fifth Amendment right to not testify. A hearing is to be held in Collin County.

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