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Possession Of Marijuana Concentrates In Texas = Automatic Felony

Even a Houston or Dallas criminal defense attorney couldn’t explain this, because if you look at it closely and logically, it doesn’t make any sense at all. If you are arrested for the possession of any form of marijuana concentrate in Texas, you will automatically be charged with a felony. On the other hand, if [...]

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Is Sharing Your Netflix Password Really A Federal Crime?

If you’re online a lot in Texas, you may soon need the advice and services of a Dallas criminal defense attorney, because a recent court ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit just made sharing your Netflix password – and lying about your age on Facebook – potentially criminal acts. In [...]

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Can The Police Take My Phone As Evidence?

Let’s say that you are a witness to a confrontation involving police officers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and you record the confrontation on your smartphone. What you saw at the time of the incident was chaotic, so you aren’t sure if the law enforcement officers were exceeding their authority or merely using necessary and [...]

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Deconstructing Synthetic Drug Prosecutions

In today’s ever-changing society, synthetic drugs and the legal problems associated with these drugs can be quite complex. In this article, our very own Attorney Jeffrey C. Grass addresses one of the major issues surrounding the distribution of synthetic drugs and the burden of proof needed to convict an individual for distribution charges, including whether [...]

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How can you safeguard your rights during a traffic stop?

Drivers throughout the country are pulled over by police officers every day. However, some are unaware of their rights and don't know what to do during a traffic stop. For example, some people have no idea that they are protected from the unlawful search and seizure of their vehicle and are convicted on drug charges [...]

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Busting Myths About Prostitution

Criminal defense lawyers often represent clients accused of sex crimes such as prostitution. Prostitution may be charged as either a state crime, such as soliciting, or a federal crime, such as transporting an individual for the purpose of prostitution. The laws regarding prostitution vary from state to state. In Texas, for example, an individual convicted [...]

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Exploring Statutory Rape Laws

Statutory rape and other types of sex crimes are taken very seriously. The mere accusation of a sex crime can significantly damage an individual’s reputation, family relationships, and employment prospects. If you or a loved one has been accused of statutory rape—even if you have not yet been charged—it’s essential to get in touch with [...]

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Are white collar crimes always prosecuted in federal court?

If you think you are under investigation for a white collar crime, you may be wondering whether these types of offenses are always prosecuted in federal court. Although many of these crimes are prosecuted in federal court, some of them are prosecuted by state authorities as well. From tax fraud to embezzlement, white collar crimes [...]

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Sexual assault suspect found not guilty

When someone is wrongfully accused of sexual assault, their world may be permanently turned upside down. In Dallas, Texas, and throughout the country, these false accusations may lead to a considerable prison sentence and tarnish someone's reputation for the rest of their life. Furthermore, their criminal history could make it difficult for them to find [...]

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Understanding Your Search and Seizure Rights

Every individual in the U.S. has certain legal rights, including the right to privacy as granted by the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The Fourth Amendment protects individuals from illegal searches and seizures by law enforcement officials. Unfortunately, these rights are sometimes violated. It’s important to understand your search and seizure rights, and to [...]

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